Amsterdam- More than just a sin city

When I returned home from Amsterdam, people were only interested in knowing about the debauchery in the city. I laughed to myself at their ignorance and how they hold misconceptions about a place. One afternoon over lunch, a local family was telling me what the city meant to them. To them, it was a city where people are respected for who they are, where safety is prevalent (Netherlands is known for the lowest crime rate in the world). They told me about the years of history the city has and how amazingly beautiful their city is. They want tourists to come and experience all that. They said “We feel very bad when tourists come here just to smoke up or just because prostitution is legal.” There is an undercurrent of free spirit everywhere and the locals are the most friendly people in the world.

I miss the beautiful City of Canals and the colourful dancing houses. I miss those pretty souvenir stores and the postcard shops along the streets. They take me back in time… While I was there, I actually used to post cards to myself and was overwhelmed to see the cards when I got back home.
I miss biking around The Flying Pig with my fellow hostelers. I miss the calm of sitting by a canal and seeing cruise ships and boats filled with cheerful people. I miss the perpetually busy Dam Square where you come across people from all corners of the world.

When in Amsterdam fun is the language everyone understands. It’s just not a sin city

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  1. I generally do not have habit of going through this travel diaries stuff…
    But frankly speaking, i’m into it now and following this blog regularly…
    Such a wonderful stuff you have…. keep going…!!!!

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