Capri – The chic island 

Going to Capri was the best decision I’ve taken while I was in Italy.

After roughly 3 hours of bus journey towards south Italy I arrived at Naples – the capital of Campania region, at the port I took a hydrofoil boat for my 45 min crossing to the island of Capri (Marina Grande harbor).

Everything in Capri surprised me. It has got some breathtaking views. Here is Capri in photos.

Port @ Naples
Marina Grande Harbour

From the Harbor town of capri, I visited the Anacapri village which is perched high on the hills, the view of capri town from this village is spectacular.

Breathtaking views from Anacapri village
Lemon trees along the way from the harbor to Anacapri

The highest point in Anacapri can be accessed by chair lift, if there is no fog it gives a panoramic view of the sea.

From the Chair Lift

After an awesome local seafood lunch at the Anacapri village, i headed back to the capri town, took a speed boat around the island.

Who wants to come back from a place like this?

Sometimes Sudden and Unplanned trips gives you surprises for a Lifetime.

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