It’s London baby

The temperature outside was announced to be 0֯ C by the flight crew as the flight landed in Heathrow airport, London. A cold breeze welcomed me as I stepped out of the airport. Though it was 0֯ C, the sun shone brightly, caressing me with its warm rays.

Heathrow Airport

A female cab driver (yayy!), Jaslin Kaur, came to pickme up from the airport. It was a 1.5 hour drive during which she was sweet enough to tell me about the prominence of important places along the way.

All the roads were busy, it being a Monday morning… I was happy to watch people rush to work while I was on a holiday (mean, I know :p).
I spent my first few days at London at the World Travel Mart (WTM-London) event. The event extended all day, so I could not spend much time outside the event. I enjoyed the cold evenings- winter just started- and sunsets were around 4:00 pm every day. With Christmas coming up, the streets were already decorated.

Natural History museum 

One of the best evening I spent during the event was on the Emirates Air Line. The start point was a short distance from Victoria docks, where WTM London was held. It was an unforgettable sunset I saw, riding in the cable car with the river under me.

Emirates Airline cable car

From a few fellow local organisers of the event and traveller friends, I derived a list of things to see and do in London. This time I made daily schedules for exploring the city (something I don’t normally do). However, nothing went according to plan (in a good way).

I went to the tower bridge and got lost in the food stalls across, and forgot the time watching the cruise boats sail by.
I went to the museum and ended up spending the rest of my day at the pretty Christmas
markets. I spent hours at random photography exhibitions… I was delighted to see the work of photographers from all over the world. I watched free plays in the Shakespeare’s GlobeTheatre, and went to night museums. I visited some old libraries (very pretty ones) and galleries; they were incredible and held years of history.

And all of them, I never planned to go to!
Street watching was a favourite hobby of mine while I was in London. It was a delight to see artists showcasing their work right on the streets. The city is a blend of old classic buildings and modern architecture- the views from high rises are amazing. The sky garden in Fenchurch Street was my favourite of all the places and had a spectacular view of the city.

Photo exhibition near Waterloo station
Christmas markets
Streets around Trafalgar square
Imperial college road
Floor art near National Portrait Gallery


There is so much London offers to everyone who wants to explore, and it’s different everyday!
Getting lost in so many places, I realised that I never went to any of the typical tourist
attractions like Big Ben, the parliamentary house or the cathedral- I went to all these places on the last day of my stay in London.


It was experience I will never forget.

What are your favourite things to do in London??? Please comment below, I’ll keep them for my next trip 🙂 🙂

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  1. This place is awesome, and apparently the ranch is paying for itself. I thinktyour posts are bound to be called beautiful. Great going Bhavya.

  2. This place is awesome, and apparently the ranch is paying for itself. I think your posts are bound to be called beautiful.Great going Bhavya.

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