How Paris changed the way I travel – A Cruise to Remember

It was one of those beautiful bright evenings on a cruise boat. I wanted to see the city of Paris from the waters and settled down at the end of the upper deck. The wind blew softly as the cruise started.

It was a lively scene on both sides of the river- a girl was dancing gracefully on the banks of the river; people passed by but she didn’t draw unwanted attention, people setup open gym and were working out, a girl sat with her books and laptop, perhaps working on a college project. I saw a family having supper, picnic style. Tourists with maps in their hands were pottering about, probably figuring out where to go next. Saw an old couple laughing together and waving at the people on the passing boats.

It was my 6th day in Paris. I had done so many things and went to so many places by then and started recollecting the best of those memories- going to a cafe near my hostel everyday in the morning to have flaky croissants and hot coffee. It soon became my favorite cafes. Initially taking the metro was confusing; I took a train which was going in the opposite direction and only realized after 4 stops. I became a pro after a couple of days though. I loved the food in Paris, however after 3-4 days started to miss Indian food. I couldn’t find an Indian restaurant near the place I lived, so I went to a Nepali restaurant. The owner asked me if I was an Indian and asked if I wanted to eat biryani. I delightfully said yes and she proceeded to make biryani especially for me, though it was not there in the menu. Learning bits of French and about their lives from the hostel staff and my fellow hostelers was so much fun.

I felt what I experience is more important than what I see. Experiences remain as better memories than simply looking at monuments. While I was lost in thoughts, the cruise trip ended, the sun had already set and it was one of the nicest sunsets. When you have good vibes inside you, the sunset looks even more beautiful.

Notre Dame from the cruise
Photo stop while climbing up the Eiffel tower
River beside my Hostel. #Evening strolls
Eiffel Tower from the cruise

This is one reason I don’t write about itineraries on this blog!! I just write about my experiences.Do share your travel experiences in the comments. Am dying to read them 🙂

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