Capri – The chic Island

There are books written, movies made and poems sung about this beautiful Romantic city of Rome. But for me, it was not an Eat pray love story in Rome.Guess it was not my cup of tea. I didn’t feel like staying there for more than two days. It was late April and was already full of tourists Travel is not always about falling in love with every place you go!

Near my hostel, there is an old family run Gelato store who has like secret recipes passed down from generations. I said the owner how authentic the taste of the fruity gelato I just had and asked him where to eat the best Pizza. he said for best Pizza you should go to Naples. Of course, Naples, for it is the native place of Pizza!!  I impulsively bought a bus ticket and ran away to Naples.After roughly 3 hours of bus journey towards south Italy, I arrived in Naples – the capital of the Campania region

Naples!!! The Intensity of the rawness of Italy’s culture was all around and the windy streets smelled like Pizza.

The Old town of the Centro Storico is dilapidated which also gives an old vintage Charm to the town. The two days that I spent in Naples, I forgot the count of Pizzas I had. In most of the cafes and pizzerias watching football was a common thing. I teamed up with a few travellers during a game and landed up in Capri upon their suggestion when I asked about things to do in Naples. I never heard of this island before. I went there without any expectations and without any preconceived images in my mind. I fell in love with this chic island almost immediately.

At the port of Naples, I took a hydrofoil boat for my 45 min crossing to the island of Capri (Marina Grande harbour)Located in the middle of the Tyrrhenian Sea, it’s a small island with numerous beaches, both named and unnamed. The beaches here are cosy little coves nestled between cliffs and rocks.

The water is clear, blue and contrasts with the silvery-white sand.

Port of Naples
Port of Naples
Marina Grande

Marina Grande
view from Anacapri
View from Anacapri
lemon trees are grown in Abundance in this region. Its also famous for lemon based cosmetics, toiletries and beverages
Lemon trees are grown in Abundance in this region. Its also famous for lemon based cosmetics, toiletries and beverages
View points to the Capri coastline
View points to see the Capri coastline
crusing  on the Azure waters
Cruising on the Azure waters
Never wanted to comeback from this place
Who wants to come back from a place like this?


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