10 things I’ll teach my future Daughter about Life!

Along with Sisterhood, receptiveness, gratitude, feminism, free-thinking, compassion and a 1000 other things that I’ll teach my future daughter, these are the 10 things about travel and life!

1 . Living life in the reverse order is okay!

We were always told that we should finish our education before we’re 23, find a decent job, get married, have kids, take a mortgage and live happily ever after. My mom was told to follow a slightly different order by her mother. I don’t know how this order will change in your time. But remember that living a fulfilling life is the goal; it’s okay if you live your life in the reverse order! Any order!

2. Always question what you are told to do!

Just because everyone is doing it, doesn’t make it right. Also just because people are doing certain things for a really long time, that doesn’t make it right either. So always question what you are asked/told to do.

3. Travel solo at least a few times – Even if you have a Boyfriend/Husband/Partner!

I owe a lot to my solo travels. We as women wear so many hats in our daily lives- A good daughter, a caring friend, a loving girlfriend/wife, a supportive sister, a reliable co-worker, a mother, etc. Solo travel lets you explore more of yourself without having to think about the impact of your behaviour on others. Self-discovery is a real thing, so travel solo now and then, no matter your relationship status. And no, that doesn’t make you selfish.

4. Be humble, but never forget your self-worth!

Be as humble and kind as you can, but also remember your self-worth. Never let anybody bring you down for what you are.

5. Never lose touch with your girlfriends!

No matter what you do in life or where you are, always stay in touch with your girls. I always make sure of it for myself. They are my safety net and I seriously don’t know what I’ll do without them. They say two women cannot be friends forever, but that’s a lie. No offence to boys, but for most of the things in life, you emotionally depend on a woman’s company rather than a man’s.

6. I’ll raise you with my principles and beliefs, but it’s okay to have your own ones as you grow up!

7. Don’t take society too seriously!

Whatever you do in life – Good, bad, or ugly, there will be people who will not like you. You cannot please everyone! No matter how much you try to fit in, people will still judge you. You will get suffocated if you try too hard to fit in. Do things your way and not because society expects you to do so. Try taking society as lightly as possible.

8. Embrace being broke!

Being broke can be very depressing, but if you treat it right that’s the best way to pull yourself up by your bootstraps, get creative and turn things around. Don’t settle for average thoughts and dreams just because you are broke.

9. It’s okay if you don’t find a purpose in life!

It is really okay if you don’t find a specific purpose in life. It’s okay if you don’t have a constant focus on one thing and climb up the ladder of success in it. It’s okay if you want to taste the full rainbow and try out all the ladders.

10. I will be there for you! Always <3

I will never use the things you discuss with me against you! I will never judge you… No matter where you are, I’ll make sure that home is not far from your heart. I’ll always be there for you.

Your turn now! What will you teach your future kids which you were not taught?

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26 thoughts on “10 things I’ll teach my future Daughter about Life!

  1. These are all great lessons that you can learn from traveling. I’m sure your daughter will have a blast.

  2. Love all these tips.. It’s very friendly for your beloved kids and it’s great to let them know that they are no pressures for them to be perfect and that you are always there for them.

  3. Great tips to teach your daughter. Tell her about reverse order in life too because I definitely didnt do things in order or one the “perfect” timeline.

  4. I love traveling with my daughter. We do at least one mother and daughter trip each year. Traveling is the best education!

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