After the rains resort – a forest retreat in the Nilgiri biosphere, Wayanad

They say to experience the forest, one should close their eyes and just listen to the sounds of the forest. It was 6:30 Am, and I was at the viewpoint waiting for the sun to come out. The sky is all subtle pink and the sun somewhere behind the mist-shrouded Nilgiri mountains. As I closed my eyes, I could clearly hear the fizzle of the Chaliyar river flowing nearby and the chirping of at least five different birds. The mist gently and continuously hit my face- the sun must be coming out and chasing the mist away from the valleys. Breathing the fresh forest air felt like it was cleansing me from the inside and energizing me. Nature is such fuel for the soul! It was like meditation. 

I opened my eyes to the comfort of sun rays, basked in the winter sun for a while, and hiked back to my room. 

For the next few days, I spent time watching more sunrises, took myself on forest walks, hiked down to the fish pond and wondered at the clear reflections of the palm trees in the water, read Murakami under the shade of bamboo trees, experienced the simple joy of bird watching during the sunsets, and feasted on freshly prepared local delicacies.

Best Sunrise View
Sunrise point, After the rains resort

Such was life at After the Rains resort – A rainforest retreat in the Nilgiri biosphere.  Apart from the fact that I stayed home for eight months straight in a city apartment with a view of a busy trafficy road, here is why I fell in love with After the Rain forest retreat, the best nature resorts in Wayanad.

First the location

After the Rains forest retreat is a 16-acre spice garden, in the western ghat mountain ranges of the Nilgiri biosphere located in the Wayanad district, Kerala, known for its natural beauty, dense forests, tea estates, mighty mountains, breathtaking views, and I love Wayand weather – It’s comfortably cold. The property is situated at a heavenly elevation amidst the clouds and away from the crowds. The tropical rainforest shares borders with the neighboring states of Tamilnadu & Karnataka. 

Sustainable way of life 

“Nature never betrayed the heart that loved her” – This has been the guiding philosophy of the management at After the Rains Resort. Starting from building the property without cutting down trees or destroying crops to following sustainable practices in everyday routine, the hosts take sustainability and responsible tourism seriously. Here are a few things I observed 

  • It’s a zero plastic zone, water in the rooms is filled and refilled in glass bottles, the dustbins are made of dried palm leaves.
  • All the waste is composted and given back to the plantations within the resort and forest. 
  • Water conservation is done from rainwater and freshwater as well to ensure self-sufficiency.
  • The lights and other decorative articles used in the room are made by the local craftsmen. The locals are also involved in the village tours, plantation walks, and cultural activities, providing them an alternative livelihood. 

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Eco-friendly and luxury goes hand in hand here

Where my food comes from  

The best part of travel is we get to taste local delicacies. Food was something that I looked forward to every day during my stay. Fruits and vegetables are procured locally from the neighboring villages. Spices used for food preparation are grown within the resort. I had a perception that it’s hard to find vegan food in Kerala, but I was happy to be proven wrong. 

Social distancing was a breeze 

In a 16 acre property, there are only ten cottages/villas. Each villa is literally a hike away! I had an opportunity to have lunch with management one warm afternoon when Dr. Srikumar said nature is the luxury we want to give to our guests, and that’s why at After the Rains, less is more! 

Perfect “Staycation” 

I didn’t have to go far for adventure or sightseeing. There are many spots within the resort. The fish pond, the sunrise viewpoint, and the nameless waterfall being my favorite spots. One can choose to indulge in in-house activities like plantation walks, village tours, or specially curated bike trails. 

This breathtaking video: After the rains youtube video

Fish pond hike

Let’s not destroy what we came to enjoy.
Like Leonardo DaVinci once said, ”everything connects to everything else.”
Where we choose to stay is an essential factor in our responsible travel journey. For the love of travel, choose consciously and passionately.

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