About Me

How did you find me??? I mean the internet is heaving with lots of crap and I’m glad that you choose to read about me instead of an average clickbait article.
Thank you! (I mean it!)

Hello again! I’m Bhavya Vatrapu.

I am that not that dreamy, do it for Instagram travel blogger/influencer who flies from one place to another every week, look presentable all the time, talks about how perfect life is and makes it look like its easy to have a life like that (no it’s not)
If you expected that, I’m sorry! you still have time to bail out.

PS: I’ll not lie but when I initially started this blog I wanted to do and be all of that.
But destiny had different plans and here’s my journey!

I was raised by a single independent mother and learned to be on my own very early in life. I took up a job soon after my graduation and spend my early twenties supporting my family and taking care of my brother’s education. I changed jobs, earned decently, Life was going on fine, I worked hard on weekdays partied hard over the weekends.

But then, Adulting was damn hard!

Let’s admit it! Grappling with career, relationships, family expectations, and toxic friendships is hard.
I turned 25 and I couldn’t run that fast and far to avoid my quarter-life crisis. You know how a journey of thousand miles starts with a single step, mine started with a single flight and I was off on a solo backpacking trip in Europe.

Takeaways that changed my life 

While backpacking in Europe, I visited the most iconic places. I stood under the never-ending shadow of the Eiffel tower feeling nothing! My diary on that day read ”I visited Eiffel tower and saw the Monalisa painting at the Louvre museum” 

After 40 minutes of waiting in queue to enter the colosseum, I walked out of the line, bought myself a gelato and wandered in the cobblestone alleys of Rome instead. 

My best memories of the trip were, unexpected day trips to off the radar places, changed plans, those fleeting conversations with strangers and making friends with locals. 

Take away 1

End of the day I cherished experiences and interactions more than buildings and monuments.

I forever changed the way I travel.

Take away 2

On the road, I met a lot of people while backpacking in Europe who freelanced in different sectors, earned decently and had the freedom to explore other aspects of life. Deep inside I longed for that. 

Two years later I quit my corporate job – Read the full story here

What I’m up to?

Ignorant of climate change and sustainability of the planet, I had travel dreams and a never-ending bucket list of places to visit and things to do…. I realized my wishes, dreams and bucket lists are too small when compared to bigger issues like climate change. I changed the way I live and travel.  

Today I do slow travel, avoid flying as much as I can, practice a vegan lifestyle, conscious of what I buy & where they come from, more importantly, embrace the wonders around me and find inspiration in little things no matter where I am.

On this blog, you will find posts related to offbeat travel, cultural experiences, slow travel, responsible tourism, blogging tips, hacks to save money while travelling, photography hacks and rants about adulting and life in general. 

Happy reading!