I am Bhavya Vatrapu- travel enthusiast, dreamer, foodie and peace seeker.

In the spring of 2017 something just happened to me & I changed!! No, no spider bit me, no mutation happened in my genetic system. Dont be scared – I just wanted to say I completed my silver jubilee on this planet!! I couldn’t run that fast and far to avoid my quarter life crisis. You know how a journey of thousand miles starts with a single step, mine started with a single flight and I was off to a backpacking trip in Europe. Sounds like a rich brat from a film right.

So let me tell you a little about myself. I’m still not such a gutsy person to travel like a nomad, I’m still not brave enough to live out of my rucksack. So I work based out of Mumbai to earn a living. This trip was not a gift from anyone but out of the money I had saved to make an investment for the FY 17-18. Now you know what I’m really talking about. But what was I trying to achieve from this trip or for that matter what was I trying to find?? I have managed to make a list. it has all the virtuous things written in it like peace of mind & all. Was I trying to find out things which are constant on this earth, at least with whole earth moving??

And then realisation struck me, you know how it hits you like you were Archimedes in your bathtub. The only thing which holds common ground on this planet is people.

Hence I travel to meet people. I fly to their lands to share their experiences like a local, I live with them, love with them. I’m a Flamingo & the world is my Diary – Welcome to my world. Welcome to Flamingo Diaries.

I owe a lot to travelling and this blog is a way to give back what I got. This is a platform to share my travel experiences with all of you. Travelling has helped me become a better person. I’ve become more generous, open-minded, giving and responsible. I really wish to motivate at least a few people to come out of their comfort zone and travel. The world is out there, waiting.
Enjoy reading 🙂 Tips and suggestions are welcome.