A Weekend in the Culture Capital of Kerala – Calicut

I have always wanted to visit different places in Kerala. The food, the culture, landscapes of this state varies for every district – everything seems so different and fascinating. Last year when I got an opportunity to visit the state on a work-related trip, I said, “yes, please!” I spent my two weeks visiting Kannur […]

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What the world should learn about meenangadi, Kerala – A village on its way to becoming the world’s first carbon-neutral village

Pavithran mash consumed in the view

We settled down in the corner of a local tea shop to say our goodbyes with Kattan chai after a day of visiting sacred grooves, bamboo reserves, and tribal villages of Meenanagadi Panchayat. “Pavithran Sir, you were born and spent most of your time here…. what’s your most fav place around Meenangadi?” I asked He […]

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Maldives : Sunset obsessions, tips and more

Maldives Bhavya vatrapu

It was more than thirty minutes past sunset, I kept staring into the pearl skies and the endless sea, lost in deep thoughts when Swagatika┬áinterrupted me. There is something about the sunsets in Maldives; it gives me a deep sense of positive solitude. We set up our bean bags on the shore, enjoying post-sunset vibes, […]

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