Living the Bollywood dream

keukenhof tulip festival

Ever since a friend of mine recommended a Vada Pav place in Dadar to me, I’ve been hogging food there and taking people there to give them a taste of authentic Mumbai snacks. Yesterday was one such day and I was guiding my friend Ella around Mumbai. On our way back home, we happened to take […]

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Amsterdam- More than just a sin city

When I returned home from Amsterdam, people were only interested in knowing about the debauchery in the city. I laughed to myself at their ignorance and how they hold misconceptions about a place. One afternoon over lunch, a local family was telling me what the city meant to them. To them, it was a city […]

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How I fell in love at first sight with Amsterdam: photo story 

It was Spring season in Amsterdam I arrived at the Amsterdam central station from Belgium by Thalys train. These were my first impressions of the city.   What are your first impressions about Amsterdam??? Let me know 🙂 Connect with me on Instagram, Facebook, to follow my adventures live!

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