Living the Bollywood dream

keukenhof tulip festival

We as Indians take Bollywood very seriously, we often get intimidated by the locations the movies were shot at. The Tulip fields of Netherlands is one such for me.

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Amsterdam- More than just a sin city

When I returned home from Amsterdam, people were only interested in knowing about the debauchery in the city. I laughed to myself at their ignorance and how they hold misconceptions about a place. One afternoon over lunch, a local family was telling me what the city meant to them. To them, it was a city […]

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How I fell in love at first sight with Amsterdam: photo story 

It was Spring season in Amsterdam I arrived at the Amsterdam central station from Belgium by Thalys train. These were my first impressions of the city.   What are your first impressions about Amsterdam??? Let me know 🙂 Connect with me on Instagram, Facebook, to follow my adventures live!

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