What the world should learn about meenangadi, Kerala – A village on its way to becoming the world’s first carbon-neutral village

Pavithran mash consumed in the view

We settled down in the corner of a local tea shop to say our goodbyes with Kattan chai after a day of visiting sacred grooves, bamboo reserves, and tribal villages of Meenanagadi Panchayat. “Pavithran Sir, you were born and spent most of your time here…. what’s your most fav place around Meenangadi?” I asked He […]

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After the rains resort – a forest retreat in the Nilgiri biosphere, Wayanad

They say to experience the forest, one should close their eyes and just listen to the sounds of the forest. It was 6:30 Am, and I was at the viewpoint waiting for the sun to come out. The sky is all subtle pink and the sun somewhere behind the mist-shrouded Nilgiri mountains. As I closed my […]

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Kannur – A beach town you never considered visiting, but should!

I sat there on the old pier of Thalassery, holding back my tears! I don’t know if it were the heartwarming comradeship stories that Farhan narrated or the heart-filling gorgeous orange-purple sunset, or the fact that I’m utterly grateful for the outdoors after spending ten months indoors during the lockdown. Water filled my eyes, and […]

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Responsible travel – Changing the way we travel post lockdown!

Who had imagined the world coming to a standstill? The lockdown is implemented in almost all countries, and this situation has affected each one of us in one or the other way.Travel & tourism is one of the most affected sectors. As a traveller, it breaks my heart to imagine my favourite destinations now empty […]

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Hut Life @ Sadhana forest

sadhana forest Auroville Pondicherry

Sadhana forest is in Auroville near Pondicherry. This wondeful community is a bunch of amazing like minded volunteers who are committed to convert a higly eroded land into an evergreen forest.

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