One day in Denizli – A mad girlfriend, friendships, broken and made

flamingo travels

After spending one day in Denizli, we boarded the bus to Neveshir with a cocktail of feelings! I quickly settled down near the window seat, beside me was a man who’s extra friendly and starred a few extra seconds at me now and then, enough to make me feel conscious. My girlfriends took a seat […]

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Alacati – A Hideaway on Turkey’s Aegean Coast

Windmills in Alacati

The 90’s hits mix the cab driver played transported us to memories of our childhood. We danced in our seats to ‘My heart goes shala la la la’ and my heart was literally going sha la la at the gorgeous sunset. It felt like we were heading towards a bright peach sunset at the road’s end. The canyons […]

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Jam Appetite – Memories from Alacati

visit alacati

A week after the Herb Festival, the streets of Alacati are empty of tourists. The Herb Festival is a celebration of locally grown herbs, fruits and vegetables endemic to the region. It is a way to protect and promote the regional species. It happens at the start of spring, with cold breezes and sunshine throughout […]

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In Turkey, Away from the First Cities – Denizli & Pamukkale

There is no denying that the major cities of any country hold a lot of attraction. People often visit the major cities and capital cities of any country they go to and build impressions about the entire country from them. However, going away from these cities and staying in the smaller cities of Turkey really gave us a […]

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When Asia kisses Europe – Istanbul Experiences and Essentials

“You are not an Indian” said my host Dev, when I said I don’t know of the Mithun Chakraborty starrer movie Mard. I did my best to convince him of my Bollywoord Patriotism by singing “I am a Disco dancer” and even shrugged off all my inhibitions to show him the pelvic thrust of Mithun […]

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