Visiting Kutch and why Bachchan ji is right!

Kutch is a beautiful blend of colourful textiles, distinct artisans & their villages, gorgeous palaces & forts, vast countryside swathes, the great white Rann/salt desert, and of course Amitabh Bachchan ji’s endorsements. Kutch is all that and more.  It took me three visits to understand why they say ‘’Kutch nahi dekha toh kuch nahi dekha’’. […]

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Reminiscing the golden days of Olappamanna Mana

Her mesmerising, expressive eyes turned ferocious as she vividly translated injustice happening to women and social inequalities into a language of hand gestures (mudras), eye movements and emotions. It was more than a mere substitute to the language of words we speak; the raw outpour of emotion tugs on your heart. Just when I was […]

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No spring nor summer is as elegant as Autumn! Shorter days, chilly evenings, hot coffees, cosy book stores, Christmas markets and the golden hues make the fall season very special in London. The leaves elegantly flutter on the trees, dance in the autumn air and then gracefully fall. Remembering the time spent in London during […]

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Taj Mahal Visit – Secret tips and places with the ​Best view

What is it with the Taj Mahal??? We all have at least one miniature Taj Mahal our friends or relatives bought as a souvenir when they visited! We see it in movies all the time, we read about it in novels, poems, childhood literature and architecture lessons. Remember that street seller who used to sell Taj Mahal posters near beaches and parks? How about the Taj Mahal image on the cover page of our notebooks? We (millennials) also probably had the Taj Mahal as our desktop wallpaper.

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The other side of Goa

I’ve heard how people fall in love with Goa. I’ve heard and read a few old stories in which foreigners burnt their passports to stay back in Goa; stories of how they found their spiritual path in this place. Stories of how Goa was part of the earliest hippie trails, and how the RV culture […]

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Capri – The chic Island

Capri the chic island

There are books written, movies made and poems sung about this beautiful Romantic city of Rome. But for me, it was not an Eat pray love story in Rome.Guess it was not my cup of tea. I didn’t feel like staying there for more than two days. It was late April and was already full of tourists […]

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The Synagogue​ encounters

A day that filled me with Regret and changed my perception towards Mumbai city forever!! If I’d met Levi at a metro station or at work, I wouldn’t have given him a second glance. He looked more or less like an Indian, spoke Hindi and was dressed in a kurta

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Hut Life @ Sadhana forest

sadhana forest Auroville Pondicherry

Sadhana forest is in Auroville near Pondicherry. This wondeful community is a bunch of amazing like minded volunteers who are committed to convert a higly eroded land into an evergreen forest.

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Alacati – A Hideaway on Turkey’s Aegean Coast

Windmills in Alacati

The 90’s hits mix the cab driver played transported us to memories of our childhood. We danced in our seats to ‘My heart goes shala la la la’ and my heart was literally going sha la la at the gorgeous sunset. It felt like we were heading towards a bright peach sunset at the road’s end. The canyons […]

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