Brand Placement is one of the most intelligently used intuition that a marketer has, and we at Flamingo diaries are ready to do it for you in the most seamless & simplest way possible. So if your brand fits into the Itinerary of a traveller, then contact me.

Travelling is an art & science. so keeping the art intact, we at Flamingo diaries would never plan your itineraries or a travel routine. When we write about a place, we’ll tell you what we’ve experienced there, which part of our psyche & emotion has gotten triggered how and when. then, we leave it up to the imagination of the traveller to experience it for oneself ”to each his own”

The science of our travel is the places & people & experiences which we choose to visit/meet and have respectively which can extract the essential flavours of that locale and bring it to the readers in a concoction not tainted by commercialisation, in its natural rawness – the true Nature!!!

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