What the world should learn about meenangadi, Kerala – A village on its way to becoming the world’s first carbon-neutral village

Pavithran mash consumed in the view

We settled down in the corner of a local tea shop to say our goodbyes with Kattan chai after a day of visiting sacred grooves, bamboo reserves, and tribal villages of Meenanagadi Panchayat. “Pavithran Sir, you were born and spent most of your time here…. what’s your most fav place around Meenangadi?” I asked He […]

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Responsible travel – Changing the way we travel post lockdown!

Who had imagined the world coming to a standstill? The lockdown is implemented in almost all countries, and this situation has affected each one of us in one or the other way.Travel & tourism is one of the most affected sectors. As a traveller, it breaks my heart to imagine my favourite destinations now empty […]

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