Alacati – A Hideaway on Turkey’s Aegean Coast

cafes and street in Alacati

The 90’s hits mix the cab driver played transported us to memories of our childhood. We danced in our seats to ‘My heart goes shala la la la’ and my heart was literally going sha la la at the gorgeous sunset. It felt like we were heading towards a bright peach sunset at the road’s end. The canyons […]

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Jam Appetite – Memories from Alacati

visit alacati

A week after the Herb Festival, the streets of Alacati are empty of tourists. The Herb Festival is a celebration of locally grown herbs, fruits and vegetables endemic to the region. It is a way to protect and promote the regional species. It happens at the start of spring, with cold breezes and sunshine throughout […]

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Inside the Victoria Terminus/CSTM : In Photos

CSTM unesco heritage site

I’ve been to the Chatrapati Shivaji Terminus over a dozen times.  While I really admire the architecture, I never noticed that there was a rail heritage museum just beside the entry/exit gate which could allow me to go upstairs and witness the charismatic colonial interiors. Of course there was a meusem; it’s a UNESCO world heritage […]

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Living the Bollywood dream

keukenhof tulip festival

Ever since a friend of mine recommended a Vada Pav place in Dadar to me, I’ve been hogging food there and taking people there to give them a taste of authentic Mumbai snacks. Yesterday was one such day and I was guiding my friend Ella around Mumbai. On our way back home, we happened to take […]

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Serene & Pristine beaches around the world with almost no tourists

Ilica Beach – Alacati, Turkey Month Visited: April It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that I’d never seen a calmer or more peaceful beach than Ilica. A week after the Herb and Vegetable Festival, Alacati is empty. The locals are waiting for summer to start and tourist to come in. The weather is already […]

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In Turkey, Away from the First Cities – Denizli & Pamukkale

There is no denying that the major cities of any country hold a lot of attraction. People often visit the major cities and capital cities of any country they go to and build impressions about the entire country from them. However, going away from these cities and staying in the smaller cities of Turkey really gave us a […]

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Bombay to Barcelona – From sleeping in the streets to starting a cafe

  The Bombay to Barcelona Library Café has recently become one my favourite spots in Mumbai. I fondly recollect hearing about this cafe from my host in Paris. When I told her that I was from India, all I expected her to know was the Taj Mahal (I’d seen a photo of hers with the Taj Mahal […]

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Hostel – A backpacker’s Best Friend

Have you ever had a one-pot meal? In my country, it takes the form of the ubiquitous ‘kichidi’- You put in rice, pulses, veggies along with every other thing under the sun and it magically happens to taste good! For me, as a traveller, hostels are those one-pot meals which I savour throughout my journey- I […]

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Dame @ Daman

Daman is a perfect and quick weekend getaway from Mumbai. It was one one of those lazy afternoons that I along with a couple of my friends decided to go on a drive to Daman the next day. We started on a Sunday morning from Mumbai. A day trip to Daman is not a tiring […]

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